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Mammoth Ulthana. Textures

I’ve got quite a lot of papers on my desk, and although I do not have any invoices among them, I have to deal with the spatial compositions on a daily basis. This desktop is indeed a design alive in its own way. At a deeper resonant bass the composition may change. Maybe it’s a distant comparison, but, of coursem it is difficult to find a material example describing the essence of the music of Mammoth Ulthana duo, that is Jacek Doroszenko and Rafał Kołacki. They certainly – after I appraised their first album – went into the invoices. But once again – not the ones confirming high sales, but the textures  that is a multiplication of different layers of sound on a very spatial album “Particular Factors”. (invoice and texture being the same word in Polish)

I do not like to repeat myself, and a lot of what I have to say about the music duo I already presented in a previous review. Important assumptions: we are in a world of dense percussion parts, the preparation of instruments and combining field recordings with the sounds of ethnic instruments played by the members of the Polish duo. This time the story is less dependent on electronic factors, but if they’re already used, it is in a dynamic, spectacular, inspiring way, creating certain associations with experimental studios. If you cut off for a moment to these exotic influences, it would create moments resembling Polish Radio Experimental Studio in an unplugged version. And if anyone has ever built a meta-installation telling about the world of music, they should consider building a sound layer of something like the compositions of the Kołacki-Doroszenko duo. It’s a bit disconcerting when we listen to it on the headphones, but “UV Garden” and “Carbon” should be a diversion from reality for anyone. The whole album will do it for over an hour (could be a bit shorter), so there is a risk you may skip the next entry in the blog.

7-8 / 10

by Bartek Chaciński