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The first album of this surprising duo formed by Rafał Kołacki (HATI, Innercity Ensemble, T’ien Lai, Molok Mun) and Jacek Doroszenko was released in 2013. It proved so delightful that it was among my favorite Polish releases of 2013. That material made a great impression not only in terms of the music itself, but also in terms of graphic design prepared by Doroszenko. Looking at the latest release, “Particular Factors”, we see interesting and suggestive graphic collages. But the most important thing is the music  which seems to be much more difficult to listen to than that of their debut album. What does not change the fact that Kołacki (gongs, bowls, percussion, rattles, horns, flutes) and Doroszenko (electronics, prepared piano, field recording, gongs, objects) have kept their work at a high level.

“Particular Factors” presents an excellent good layer of sounds composed of acoustic sounds skillfully juxtaposed with synthetic electronics. There are also definitely tribal rhythms. For example, in the song “Basilisk” we have a reference to the traditional Moroccan music thanks to the use of excellent pipes (although we also know this instrument perfectly well from the Polish folk culture). In the compositions “Antiphase”, “Throat”, “UV garden” and “Sove”  we hear both brass instruments / percussion and gongs, but in the company of organic ambient music which could be a bigger part of this album. This last piece of reminded me the most of the work by Geir Jenssen (Biosphere). Certainly an added value to “Particular Factors” is a shift towards improvisation (“Saurr”, “Baldr”, “Estate “), sonorism (“Carbon”) and electro-acoustic music (“Tombs”). The album closes with “Ratatosk” pulsing with even noise dynamics and truly otherwordly shamanic ritual rhythms.

I have shortlisted “Particular Factors” among the most interesting Polish releases of this year.

by Łukasz Komła