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I started this review pretty wide awake after a morning of home made eggs, sausage, and home fries, but now that I’ve gone through this album, I feel as if a lullaby was sung unto my ears by an angel and drifted me slowly into the dream world.

However, this weird project mixes and toys with dark ambient and electronics, throwing in acoustic sounds with new age mentality. It’s extremely interesting to see how it all smashes together to create such peaceful and harmonious relaxing music.

Just like a project I reviewed just about a week ago, this music is meant to help cure the soul and set imbalances into their natural state. And, well, I suppose it’s just a stroke of luck that I handpicked this release out of everything else. It’s always nice to listen to dark ambient and natural music, but when it can relax a man so much to the point where the desire to sleep takes over all else, it’s a work of art.

Whether it’s man made sounds placating your ears, or the simple sounds of nature (such as birds chirping as they would on a peaceful summer morning), or even the electronic tendencies of the duo seducing your senses, there’s a whole lot of love you need to give to this album.

What’s most interesting about the album is how it branches. On their official page, if you take a look at their tracks, there’s three different paths one could take. From Impromptu, you can finish your journey by continuing onto Mine. Or, you can take the main path, which ends at a split. Like so many stories told before, you have two options. Either you can listen and end with Path or Nocturne. Whatever direction you should choose to take, you’ll find yourself in Nirvana.

I honestly love this album. While it’s not the best I’ve heard, it certainly deserves a place in anyone’s collection. While it’s fun and exciting to listen to hard music every once in a while, there needs to be a time and a place when you decide to just sit back, relax, and enjoy life for what it is. And Mammoth Ulthana has created such a poetic album that can invoke both your mind and body into such a state.

8.5 / 10

Steven Gullotta, Brutal Resonance