Particular Factors

Jacek Doroszenko and Rafał Kołacki - Mammoth Ulthana, Particular Factors 3



Particular Factors
Label: Zoharum
Year: 2016

One of the most well-reviewed Zoharum releases is the debut album of Mammoth Ulthana from 2013. The duo of Jacek Doroszenko and Rafał Kołacki had us wait very long, three years, for their follow-up album.

Entitled “Particular Factors” it continues the path traversed on the duo’s debut album. The duo continues to create music based on the juxtaposition of organic and computer-generated sounds. This time the bigger focus has been placed on the diversity of sound, vibrating rhythms and performative approach to the recording process. There is also a new sonic level based on the use of unconventional instruments. The compositions included on the album compose a story about an ancient community that uses the phenomenon of sound as a medium to express a deep connection with nature.

The album is released in a 3-panel digipack. The cover is designed by Pineum Studio based on the artworks of Ewa Doroszenko. It is also mastered by Jacek Doroszenko.