Website of the Mammoth Ulthana member’s label – Noisen Records

Noisen Records is a label specializing in meditative noise, not necessarily of a musical nature. It’s releases penetrate the notion of discrete hum, analogue psychedelia, sound poetry, field recordings and free improv in its acoustic, electronic and electroacoustic form.

Soothing noise and aggressive silence co-create the aura of focused monitoring for the depth of the sound on our records and tapes. All the releases are manufactured in the Do-It-Yourself ethic and as a result of a creative collaboration with our friends who specialize in various skills. Conceptualism and minimalism is close to Noisen’s approach – the former for the work on cohesive multimedia projects and the latter for the respect of an economical expression. As we all know it – “It all has already happened,” but it does not stop them from looking for “the new” and discovering “the old” (or maybe the other way round.) Noisen is open for different sorts of collaborations – music, installations, radio dramas, literature, educational projects and they build a net of relations, influences and inspirations, the physical manifestation of which are our releases.

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