Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating. – John Cage


Mammoth Ulthana is a sound-concept project based on a combination of traditional acoustic instruments, such as an oriental gong set, bells, animal horns, pipes, ethnic drums or singing bowls, with various sounds generated by computer software. This blend creates a sort of unique and intense musical space build on a strong basis and filled with many unforeseen sound events. The main objective of this project is mutual interpenetration of two acoustic and electronic sound worlds.



mammothulthana_symbol_04Mammoth Ulthana is based on the ancient world ways. Hundreds of centuries ago, in the previous era when life was a battle for survival, the Mammoth Ulthana tribe wandered to the north. It was a community made up of shamans and paladins of the Nature in which everyone gained knowledge and the power to maintain inner balance by entering the spiritual world of sound. Ulthana Mammoths were mediators in their culture, they communicated with the spirits, both living and dead alike and including the spirits of the deceased, on behalf of the community to alleviate unrest, unsettled issues, and to deliver gifts.

mammothulthana_symbol_03The musicians attempted to bring the Mammoth Ulthana tribe back to the present using the language of electroacoustic music and by combining the sounds created with modern technology and traditional acoustic instruments such as gongs or singing bowls, which are reputed to cure the body by healing the soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the spirit restores balance and brings wholeness to the mind body of individuals. They enter supernatural realms to find solutions to problems afflicting the community.

 Selected performances

  • Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun (PL)
  • Centre of Contemporary Art Łaźnia, Gdańsk (PL)
  • Center for the Arts EL Gallery, Elblag (PL)
  • XX International Puppet Theatres Festival Meetings, Baj Pomorski Theatre, Torun (PL)
  • Temple of Silence Festival, Forum Synagoga, Ostrów Wielkopolski (PL)
  • Małopolska Garden of Arts, Kraków (PL)
  • 81º Gallery, Warsaw (PL)


Bio notes



Jacek Doroszenko

Audiovisual artist. He created many multidisciplinary art projects such as Huta Artzine, Tonopolis, Sonorury etc. He recorded few solo music albums, took part in sound compilations and sound projects. Throughout his artistic career, Jacek Doroszenko has organized numerous individual exhibitions, participated in art festivals both in Poland and abroad.






Rafał Kołacki

Musician, sound curator and event organizer, better known as a HATI musician and curator of the CoCArt Music Festival in Torun. He has hundreds of concerts in Europe and the U.S. and created dozens of music publishing. He collaborated with such renowned artists as Z’EV, John Zorn, Steve Buchanan, Robert Curgenven, Slawomir Ciesielski and Raymond Salvatore Harmon.